See what our guests are saying.

“I visited LA in March (2012) for a work conference and my boss insisted on taking me surfing for the first time, something I have always been interested in learning, and since I am considering moving to SD I jumped on the opportunity! I am a skier and mountain biker, so sideways board sports are relatively new to me (besides long boarding). I liked Nicole’s approach to teaching; we first covered what we could on land, balance, stance, popping up etc. She was extremely thorough and gave great feedback. After a 30 minutes and some “practice pops” we moved to the water where her instruction and experience really shined. Getting up on the board wasn’t hard for me, timing and paddling gave me the most issues. Nicole helped me learn when to start paddling and then would yell when pop up which I found very helpful. Not only did we get great instruction but she also provided wet suites and boards! The best part about the lesson with Nicole though is her laid back personality and her love of the sport. Nicole is not only insanely experienced but she is deeply rooted in the surfing community, to which she is constantly giving back to through her many children’s camps. I consider our lesson a phenomenal success and I will definitely be coming back for more! ”
— Jake, CO
“Nicole responded to an online inquire very punctual! The techniques Nicole taught on the land were excellent. How she showed various options to pop up on the board and of course the experience in the water was amazing. I took group lessons at a different surf camp and was never able to stand up on my board. The first day with Nicole I was up and riding, in fact the first wave I caught I stood up. I would recommend Surf with Nicole to family n friends.
In fact I’m thinking of taking one more private lesson with you this summer.”
— Rohini, CA
“Nicole is the most amazing surf instructor. the first time I was out in the water with her I was nervous at first, but she quickly demonstrated that she was capable of taking control of me and the board even if bigger waves came through, which made me feel safe and able to concentrate on learning to surf! Since then I’ve had the opportunity to take multiple lessons from her. And continue to learn every time. She is great at identifying what I need to work on to improve, and articulating it to me in a way that makes sense. Plus she is really upbeat and fun to be out in the water with! Whether you are a beginner who’s a little nervous about trying surfing out, or intermediate looking to improve your skills surfing with Nicole will be so worth it!! I can’t wait till my next opportunity to do so!”
— Claire, NJ
“Nicole is the best surf teacher we have ever encountered. She is incredibly knowledgeable of local conditions and takes time to understand the abilities and limitations of her students. She makes it fun and my boys and I truly enjoyed it. She also was very concerned about her client’s time and money and called me to reschedule due to poor conditions prior to us showing up.”
— Brian, NJ
“Nicole helped me learn to surf! I went to her surf camp in the fall of 2007 and she and her team were fantastic. I can’t say enough positive things about Nicole as a person and an instructor.
I had a fantastic time and learned so much. Thank you Nicole.”
— Jill, WA
“Nicole is a phenomenal surf instructor! She is knowledgeable about surfing techniques and gives you the confidence needed to get better every time. I was fortunate to have Nicole as my instructor with the Las Olas Surf Camp this year, and I would definitely go back to her for future lessons.”
— Megan, WA
“Nicole is a great surf instructor, no matter what your level of skill or comfort-ability in the water. She was very personable and professional. I never felt as inept as I really was – she was very encouraging and made surfing possible.”
— Heidi, CA
“Tuesday was a bit rough with the storm surge but your instructor got me up on the board on my first try. His on-land instructions were well done and the overall experience exceeded my expectations going in. Thanks for a great introduction to surfing.”

— Jon Holder, NJ
“I have experience with a few different surf instructors over the years—surfing is not the easiest thing to learn—and Nicole is by far the best! She is skilled and patient, supportive and motivating, and most of all she makes the lesson FUN. I have a a little bit of previous surf experience but she was able to help me improve and break bad habits. She is also very good with first timers, as I saw firsthand. They were all standing and riding waves within the first hour! No small feat. Book your surf lesson with Nicole and you will be riding waves with style long before you thought possible.”
— Mike M. Pacific Grove, CA
“This was my first time surfing. I stood up on my board and rode out 6 out of 8 waves!

Kwade ( I’m sorry if I butchered the spelling of your name!) was our instructor. He was patient and very knowledgeable. An excellent teacher! I felt safe the whole time. I wouldn’t hesitate to take another lesson!

I had so much fun.

Highly recommended!!!! :)”
— Caity G. Verona, NJ
“All around fantastic experience. It was my first time surfing and I spent majority of the waves caught standing and riding them in! This was definitely due to my experienced and patient instructor, Quaid, and possibly a little natural ability on my part. I’m not much for Yelp but this company deserves a glowing review. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I’ll see you all my next time on LBI!”
— Trysytn T. Tarrytown, NY
“I’ve taken surf lessons before, but this was the first time it really clicked for me and I was able to pop up on my second wave. I had a great time and am already planning on booking a surf camp trip with them!”
— Yvonne D. Rochester, NY
“I am 12 years old and this was my first time surfing. There were a lot of instructors, so the groups were small for getting more reps in. Some days I even had a 1 on 1 lesson! In the water I had Quade, Jeff, Maggie, and Lori. They were all great teachers. It was a great experience and I really got the hang of surfing! Thanks!”
— A. B. Gillette, NJ
My two kids and I took a semi - private Lesson with Maggie and Quade. They were awesome and got us all up and catching waves! Totally recommend them.
— Hugh M. Dover, NJ
Thanks Nicole for your great teachers and attention to my son & nephew! Philip and Avi are rather active 9 / 10 year-olds and they gave you and your instructors a lot of attention and respect! They enjoy the classes - like being challenged — and really revel in mastering the skills... thanks for making surf lessons exciting and welcoming to the boys! They can’t wait to come back for more!
— Stacy B. Chevy Chase, MD
Our daughter had an awesome time. The instructors made her feel comfortable in and out of the water.
Thank you for making her first surf lesson a memorable one. We picked a private lesson for her but any of the lessons or camps would hae worked because all the instructors cheered on the kids as they rode the waves in. I would highly recommend anyone looking for lessons to book a lesson with surf with nicole.
— Kevin D. Levittown, PA
“One of the best experiences of my life. You know, besides getting married and having kids and all that stuff. I can’t stop asking myself, “How did I go this long; live this close to the ocean, and never surf before today?”

Short answer: because I was sure it would be too hard. I didn’t have the right body type; I didn’t hang with the surfing crowd in my teen years. There’s no way I would be coordinated enough to get up on a board, let alone ride a way. With my family’s business, I hardly saw the beach growing up, even with it just a few miles away.

But, somehow, I found myself trying it out. Call it a midlife crisis; it’s less of an investment than Botox and a tummy tuck.

I met with Quaid, who very calmly and expertly explained all the parts of the board. He walked me through all the steps, from practicing on land (I’m sure I looked pretty silly, but he never laughed at me. I laughed at me, but he remained cheerfully professional and supportive) to riding the waves in the ocean. He cheered me on, was infinitely patient with my jokes and motivated me to try more and try harder. I left the beach with confidence that I didn’t have when I arrived and a genuine love for surfing. I only wish I had discovered it, and Surf With Nicole, years ago. Listen, I walk into walls on a daily basis. If I could do it, so can you.”
— Monica F. Tuckerton, NJ
“I’ve surfed with Nicole three times over the past year and a half as a beginner surfer and each time I surf with her I always come away feeling pumped. As an instructor she has an amazing ability to make you feel safe out in the ocean, and then before you know it, she has you up and surfing. When I look back at the first time I surfed with Nicole, and compare it to the last time I surfed with her, I can honestly say that both my confidence and skills have improved.
Nicole is totally prepared when you show up at your lesson time. Boards are ready on the beach, wave conditions are assessed, and she has her plan ready as to how the lesson is going to roll out for that session. She’s great at figuring out what your level and abilities are and working with you to progress at your own pace. On top of her teaching skills, Nicole is just plain fun to spend a few hours or a few days with. No matter what level or what age you are, Nicole will have you surfing waves quickly and loving it!”
— Laura, TO
“Nicole is awesome! I am fortunate to have had Nicole as a surf instructor three times in Mexico and once in NJ. Nicole has a great teaching style and has increased my love of surfing. I feel safe in the water with Nicole – I witnessed her rescue an injured surfer and was amazed! Nicole is professional but fun. I can’t wait to surf with her again and look forward to the day she can teach my sons to surf. I highly recommend anyone who has thought they would like to learn to surf to book a lesson with Nicole. You will not be disappointed!”
— Stephanie, NC
“Nicole is the absolute best! She provides customized instruction and feedback on how you are surfing, where you need to adjust all while being thoughtful and patient through the learning process. I would recommend her to anyone who is learning to surf or is interested in fine tuning their skills.”
— Jen, VA
“Thanks so much for the great lesson. My time with Nicole and Quaid was a great investment. The fundamental tips you taught me helped a lot, and the next 2 times I surfed I felt like I was finally heading in the direction of reaching that next level…”
— Greg, NY
“Nicole is awesome! Not only is she a fun/nice person, she is very thorough in the lesson. This was my first time surfing and I was able to get up on the board and ride some waves, which I wasn’t expecting to do at all. Definitely worth every cent!”
— Mikey, NJ
“Surfing requires timing balance and feel. Nicole is the perfect instructor with patience and guidance to get you to the next level. A sense of humor and a big encouraging smile rounds out a perfect surf lesson.”
— Therese, OR
“I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole in Mexico on a Surf Trip. She was an excellent instructor, very patient, very understanding and beyond personable. She made everyone at every level feel comfortable and confident. I would highly recommend her as she is responsible, trustworthy and very friendly.”
— Dawn, CA
“Nicole is an extremely skilled surf instructor. Her confidence and calm demeanor immediately put one at ease. I have highly recommended Nicole to others and continue to do so.”
— Jenifer, CA
“My 11 year old grandson and his friend from Seattle had four private lessons with Nicole and Quade in Loveladies on Long Beach Island. The boys loved it and became quite adept after the first lesson. They surfed steadily for 2 hours each afternoon and had over 50 waves per session. This is a class A outfit. Nicole loves what she is doing and her rapport with the kids was exceptional. They are already talking about surfing with Nicole in 2015. Thank you for such a memorable experience.”
“Surf with Nicole is the best surf place in NJ. Nicole has you up on your board and actually surfing waves within the hour. She works with you and tells you what you’re doing wrong so you can fix it and get riding quickly and easily. She stays with you the whole time and never makes you feel nervous or scared. Definitely a 5-star place!”
— Dani C. Tuckerton, NJ
My two sons had an amazing experience at Surfing with Nicole. All they kept swing the rest of the day after their lessons was “that was awesome, we learned so much!” Thank you for helping my boys improve their surfing skills and giving them more confidence on their boards!
— Michelle M. Beach Haven, NJ
The best day on LBI every for my niece 12 and nephew 7. Quade. The teacher was awsome,kind and patient. A wonderful experience all around. Thank you.XOXO
— Marvin B. Ivoryton, CT