Surfboard Rentals 

Surf with Nicole offers soft-top surfboard rentals from July 1 - August 31 on Long Beach Island, NJ we offer delivery and pick-up from your beach house & hotel (please check delivery locations to see if we deliver to your area)

Rental Rates

Day Rental: $20

24 Hour Rental: $30

3 Day Rental: $60

5-7 Day Rental: $90




Delivery Locations:


Beach Haven 

Spray Beach


Rental Policies

Board Rental include surfboard, leash, wax and optional surfboard delivery/pick up. Rental rates are based off a 24 hour cycle with the exception of our day rate which is 9 am -4 pm

Those renting equipment must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid drivers license and credit card, and fill out a rental agreement prior to receiving their rental board(s)




This page is under construction, for questions regarding rentals please call 609-389-9376